A Systematic Review of Selection of Facility Location in Health Care


Facility location decisions are long-term, high-risk and vitally important strategic decisions for
organisations that require considering not only the current time conditions, but also the possible
changes in the life-long environment of the organisation itself. For organisations in the sector,
which stands out with its social benefit dimension and complex and uncertain structure, such as the
health sector, the methods used in the decision process are important because of these strategic
vitally important decisions. In this study, a systematic review method was used in order to examine
the studies in the literature. 23 studies published in the English-Turkish language between the
years of 2015-2020 and whose full texts can be accessed were included within the scope of this
review. It has been observed that more than half of the studies use multi-criteria decision making
methods and also more than half of them use only one single method. Additionally, %30,4 of the
studies carried out their decision-making processes by taking into account the uncertainty factor.



Research Assistant Dilara Arslan



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