Evaluation of Studies Concerning Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Applications Methods in the Healthcare in Turkey


In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the use of multi-criteria decision-making applications in Turkey, which are becoming widespread in the field of health services. The articles open to access between 2006 and 2020 were analyzed and the databases of “Google Scholar, Pubmed and Web of Science” were used. An examination was made taking into account the determined methods. The screening criteria are to be a research article, to be made by academicians in Turkey, to be accessible and written in Turkish or English. As a result of the evaluations made, it was decided  to include 35 articles in the study. It was determined that the AHP method was used the most (54.29%) and the least VIKOR method (2.86%) was used in the studies. It was observed that the AHP method was flexible and used together with other methods (TOPSIS, ANP, DEMATEL, PROMETHEE, VIKOR and ELEKTRE-II). It has been determined in approximately half of the studies (48.57%) that the main purpose is to compare health institutions. In terms of descriptive features, it was determined that most of the studies were conducted in the last 5 years (2016-2020) and approximately 65.71% were written in Turkish. It was concluded that most of the researches were conducted by academicians in the “industrial engineering”, “business” and “health management” departments. In addition, a large portion of the research verified that Turkey made taking into account the overall evaluation (42.86%) and this was followed by a special survey conducted in the city with 37.14%.




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