The first Covid-19 case had been detected in Wuhan city which is located in China. Then the
virus spread to other countries and the incidence rate increased fastly all over the world. As a
result of all of this uncontrollable situation WHO announced the pandemic. Turkish Ministry of
Health announced the first official covid case on 11th March 2020 in İstanbul Turkey. After the
first recorded case, the virus spread rapidly to the other cities. The aim of this study is to examine
the health expenditures effect by Covid 19 during the pandemic. To understand clearly how the
pandemic affected the health expenditures it is also important to compare to the previous periods.
With this study, we are aiming to put a light on the researchers using case study methods that are
related to the management of the expenditure for health care. Every country has to devote a part
of their economy to health. Through their investment in health, they will improve the well-being
of the communities living in it. This budget allocated varies according to the level of the country
and various factors. There has been great variability in the level of health expenditure per capita in
Turkey over the years. When comparing the health spending before the pandemic and the during
pandemic it seems slighlth difference between the periods in Turkey.


Sevinç Elif ŞEN


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