A myth is defined as a legend consisting of information put forward by the public and being far
from scientific facts. There are many myths about schizophrenia. Individuals with a diagnosis of
schizophrenia and their families have to cope with these myths put forward by society, the process
of adjustment to the disease, and the burden of care brought by the disease. Eventually, they get
lonely, are stigmatized, and have problems adjusting with treatment. This situation also prevents
individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia from living in harmony with other individuals in society.
Accordingly, this review is aimed to reveal the myths about schizophrenia. In the review, some
myths that individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia had double personalities, were aggressive,
and had unpredictable behaviors, the disease originated from reasons such as loving too much,
being punished by God, loss of semen, or emotional trauma, it had a bad course, and that it
could not be treated were identified. Defining myths is important so that the disease process can
be managed and nurses, who play a key role in the management of the problem of myths, can
determine an appropriate roadmap. On the other hand, much of the research into the subject
involves quantitative studies and mostly belongs to international literature. In our country,
the literature on the subject is limited in terms of up-to-date information. In this context, it is
recommended to investigate the myths about schizophrenia in society and to carry out social
awareness studies on myths under the leadership of nurses.


Türkan Peşkirci
Esra Uslu



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