Suicide tourism is a topic that has arisen with several controversial questions of its own, arousing
curiosity and gaining increasing interest in some countries. It is also becoming one of the critical
issues in ethical terms due to the increasing assisted suicide demands. Assisted suicide is generally
defined as any action taken to help a person kill herself/himself. Suicide tourism refers to the
travels made for assisted suicide. The decline in the quality of life due to aches, pains, or injuries
that cannot be ignored may cause people not to prefer an unqualified life and desire death. There
are assisted suicide service organizations in the world that operate to provide assisted suicide
service and provide that they meet the specified conditions. This study is a compilation and aims to
provide information on suicide tourism and assisted suicide, the legal framework of the concepts,
and international organizations that provide services. The study aims to form a basis for future
research on the subject. The study is essential in terms of shedding light on a controversial issue.


Gizem Zevde AYDIN



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