Organizational Crisis and it’s Management: A Research to Determine the Opinions of Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences Staf

Organizational crisis is an unexpected situation that needs a quick response. Therefore, organizations need a good crisis plan and a team to manage this process well. In crisis management processes, it is important to determine the level of knowledge, perceptions and suggestions of the personnel regarding crisis and crisis management. In this study, it was aimed to determine the viewpoints of the academic and the administrative staff of Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences on crisis and crisis management. 113 staff working at the faculty constituted the universe of the study, the sample was not selected since the universe is easily accessible, and a total of 81 questionnaires were evaluated. A questionnaire was used to determine the descriptive characteristics of the staff and their viewpoints on certain expressions related to crisis and crisis management. As a result of the study, it was determined that 35,8% of the staff defined the crisis as a special situation that endangered the existence of the institution and required a rapid response, and 67,9% of the staff stated that their motivation decreased during the crisis. It was determined that 55,7% of the staff stated that the crisis strengthened teamwork, 66,7% of the staff stated that the crisis increased internal tensions and conflicts.. As a result, from the thoughts of the academic and administrative staff it has been revealed that, they have insufficient knowledge on crisis and crisis management, they do not have knowledge about the crisis management team and the existence of the plan in the institution and the departments they work in, and they have not received any training on crisis management. Accordingly it is recommended for the institution to organize in-service trainings, to establish a crisis management team and plan in institution and departments.







Selcan TOPAÇ

İbrahim AKÇAY


Melike Zeynep ÇOĞA

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