This compilation; Nurses who work in a stressful profession and work in an area that requires
much more attention, such as human life, where there is no place for error, can provide their
services effectively, adequately and in a standard way, be connected to their profession since their
education life, cope effectively in stressful situations, not experience negative feelings such as
burnout. It has been prepared with the aim of emphasizing that the concepts of resilience and life
satisfaction are very important concepts in the nursing profession and to lay the groundwork for
future studies on these two subjects.
According to the research, it has been observed that, with the expansion of the living areas, the
completion of the socioeconomic developments, the robustness that cannot be grown widely in
the living areas and that will be widely grown in the living areas.
It can be stated that this study, which was prepared as a literature review, will enable nurses to
reveal their psychological resilience and quality of life, as well as the results of the research, to
detect field-specific problems and to eliminate them with early intervention. Therefore, in this
study, the relationship between nurses’ levels of psychological resilience and life satisfaction was
mentioned. The results to be obtained as a result of the study are important in terms of helping
to determine the risky nursing groups, to determine the current situation, and to plan the training
and studies to be done in the future.


Mücahit Karaman



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