The first connection between health care providers and recipients can be provided via the
internet. For this reason, the website for a hospital or health system has become an important
communication channel for current and potential patients. The aim of this study is to examine
the websites of public hospitals under the headings of technical services, hospital information
and services, admission and health services, interactive online services, external activities, social
media use, media relations, tabs that do not open / do not work, and reliability. Analyzes were
made with the website data of 80 T.R. Ministry of Health Training and Research Hospitals, 14 T.R.
Ministry of Health City Hospitals and 39 University Medical Faculty Hospitals. As a result of this
analysis, hospital scores were obtained and the comparative performance of the websites was
presented. It was found that there was a statistically significant difference between the technical
services, use of social media, the distribution of tabs that do not open/work, the reliability of web
pages, and the total scores of the hospitals (p<0.005). It is seen that the average performance
scores of the Ministry of Health websites are higher in all dimensions where there is a significant
• It was produced from the project titled “Examination of the Performance of Public Hospitals
Websites in Turkey with Application No. 1919B012000202” supported within the scope of
2209-A University Students Research Projects Support Program carried out by TÜBİTAK
Scientist Support Programs Presidency (BİDEB).



Abdülkadir Cizlev
Gülpembe Oğuzhan



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