Access to Health Services and Health Status: Comparison of Germany, United States of America, UK and Turkey


Health status, which is a subjective indicator of health condition, is a variable that we aim to improve both individually and socially. One of the most basic determinants of this indicator, which is frequently used in interregional comparisons, is health services. Country governments affect access to health services by choosing different health system organizations, and access to health services affects health status. In this study, it was aimed to compare the health status according to access to health services
in Germany, USA, England and Turkey, which have different health systems. Access to health services and health status indicators used in the study were examined within the framework of the variables discussed in the OECD’s Health at a Glance report. A total of 16 variables, eight separate variables, were used for both cases. The data of the research were obtained from the OECD database. It has been accepted as an indicator of success that countries have the best health status with their existing resources. In this study, where the comparison was made using the MOORA method in the Microsoft Office Excel program, the success rankings of the countries were found to be Germany, England, USA and Turkey. Considering the changes discussed, it is recommended that all countries, especially the countries discussed in this study, benefit from the experiences of successful countries.



Mustafa KAYA



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