The Evaluation of Fatherhood Role Perceptions of X, Y and Z Generation Fathers in Terms of Some Socio-Demographic Variables


The concept of family, the smallest unit of society, is a social unit consisting of mother, father, child, and family members who are related by blood or continuing as single-parent families, where family members have roles and responsibilities towards each other and other members of society. One of the responsibilities of family members towards each other is their role as mothers and fathers towards their children. The role of fatherhood is later shaped by the society in which we live, and is explained as men’s duties and responsibilities towards their children. With the change in social structure, the duties and responsibilities assigned to fathers have diversified; as a result, the perception of fatherhood has differed from generation to generation. In this context, we aim to show the change in fatherhood role perception of fathers in generations X, Y, and Z. The main purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between fatherhood role perceptions and the socio-demographic variables of fathers in the X, Y, and Z generations. In this context, it is thought that conducting a study examining the relationship between generations and the perception of the role of fatherhood, which is still limited in our country and in the world, will contribute to studies on child development, fathers’ involvement, and the role of fatherhood, and to the child and family fields of the social work field. In line with this research, using a quantitative design, the Fatherhood Role Perception Scale (BRAÖ) and Socio-demographic Information Form were administered to 443 fathers in the X, Y, and Z generations via social media. One-way ANOVA and t-test were used to analyze the data. As a result of the research, no significant difference was found between the fatherhood role perceptions of fathers in the X, Y and Z generations and their generation types.



Utku Çağlar ÇELİK
Rumeysa BİLİR
Saliha Can ÇANTALI


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