Community’s View on Foster Family Service: The Case of Konya Province

All children in the world have the rightto be with theirfamilies and to live in a healthy environment. However, today, children may stay away from their families due to many reasons such as divorce, poverty, and involvement in crime. Children who are away from their families need a care model that will support their psycho-social development as an alternative to institutional care, and the most appropriate care model that can meet this need isfoster family service. Foster family service, in its shortest definition, is the temporary or permanent care of children in need of protection by other families, paid or unpaid. Ensuring awareness of the foster family model, which is not well known in our country, is very important for children who are institutional care measures to develop in a healthy way by experiencing the warmth of the family. This study aims to reveal the community awareness of foster family service and the community ‘s attitude towards this service. 300 people participated in this voluntary quantitative study conducted in Konya Province. The data were collected using the data collection form developed by the researcher. The data obtained from the study were analyzed by frequency and percentage methods. As a result, the society does not have enough information about foster family services and more informative studies are needed on foster family service



Hasan Hüseyin TEKİN


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