Demand Forecasting In The Health Sector In Turkey: A Systematic Review

This study is a summary of some of the demand forecasting studies conducted on the basis of the health sector and the methods and techniques used in forecasting with an aim of examining the domestic literature. It is also aimed to review the reasons for and the results of the application of demand forecasts in Turkey in health care institutions. Systematic review method was used in the study and it was carried out in accordance with the PRISMA directive. As a result of the literature review, it was observed that there are studies including demand forecasting methods in various sectors such as transport, energy, manufacturing and health. When examined in terms of the techniques used, it was seen that the predictions made with the help of time series analysis and regression analysis, especially moving averages and exponential smoothing are relatively more preferred. The systematic review showed that demand forecasting practices are applied in different subjects for different reasons in the health sector. It can be said that studies mostly focus on predicting patient demand. The research shows the scarcity of researchers focusing on demand forecasting issues in the field of healthcare management. In order to strengthen and develop the field of demand forecasting in the health institutions management literature, it is of great importance to strengthen the number of researchers interested in these issues and the cooperation between these researchers.




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