Greetings to all valuable researchers who are the main generators of scientific knowledge

The history of humanity is a journey in which people try to understand and make sense of the environment where they exist and their relations with this environment, materially, individually and socially. During this relatively long journey, numerous questions have been asked and answers sought. Although scientific knowledge and methods have not yet been able to answer all of these questions, they have enabled an unprecedented progress in human history. Scientific knowledge has made the inexplicable to humans explainable, comprehensible and controllable. Thanks to scientific knowledge and methods, humanity has acquired a universal and common language.

Scientific knowledge and methods emerge as a result of the accumulation of the results of many small or large studies. Those who make this accumulation are researchers who conduct scientific research alone or with a group. Scientific journals, on the other hand, are the main source where researchers share the results of their scientific studies with other researchers and with those who are interested. On this very point, as “The Journal of Theory and Practice in Healthcare“, our main motivation is to be one of the sources where researchers can publish their scientific studies.

We believe that scientific knowledge produced in accordance with scientific autonomy and ethical values should serve the interests of all humanity. Based on these general principles, our journal aims to include all scientific studies related to health policy, health economics, health sociology, social policy and health services with the focus of studies in the field of healthcare management. Within this framework, we invite all researchers to contribute to the Journal of Theory and Practice in Healthcare and look forward to receiving your manuscript submissions and your advice about our journal.

Kind Regards

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