Importance of Breastfeeding According to Object Relations Theory, Attachment Theory and Transactional Analysis

This review is intended to emphasize that in the process of breastfeeding, the expected and expected safe bond between the mother and the baby, the value that the baby attaches to the mother and to herself, that babies are effective in their interpersonal relationshipsthroughout life. With the breastfeeding process that is positive for the baby, positive schemes such as “Good/ Pleasurable”, “I am valuable-She is reliable”, “I am OK-She is OK” occur between the baby and the mother. At the end of the negative breastfeeding process, negative schemes such as “Bad/ Disappointing”, “I amvaluable-She is notreliable”, “I amnotOK-She is notOK” occur. These positive or negative schemes, which occur with the breastfeeding process during infancy, determine the person’s view of him/herself, others and life in the future. The breastfeeding process that shapes the rest of the baby’s life and the psychological effects of this process are important primarily for the mental health of the individual and therefore the society




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