Use of Data Mining in Healthcare: Investigation of Graduate Thesis in Turkey

It is getting harder every day to reach the information we need among the growing data stack. In today’s competitive conditions, reaching the right information has become very important for managers. Data mining, which is a computer-based information system, has been developed in order to reach accurate and fast information among this large data stack. It is known that the use of this method in the field of health is increasing day by day, as in other areas. In this study, in health-related fields of data mining in recent years in Turkey it aimed to determine which studied the issues and what methods are being used more. In this context, data mining postgraduate studies in health related fields in Turkey thesis have been analyzed taking into consideration some basic criteria. It has been found that most of the studies are compared with the techniques, and studies are conducted on helping physicians and administrations make decisions. It has been seen that most of the were made under the title of “classification” methods. Among the classification methods, it has been observed that decision trees and Bayes classification techniques are mostly used. As a sample group, it has been observed that almost all of the studies take into account patients and mostly studies are on cancer patients. Looking at the graduate theses held in Turkey, where the research related to clinical trials, but it was observed that no adequate studies on the health care workers and administrative matters.




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