Integrated Healthcare In United States: ACO Model


In a healthcare system, that predominantly driven by the private sector under free market conditions, specific challenges emerge in terms of access, quality, and cost dimensions. The U.S. healthcare system is financially and qualitatively in an unhealthy state, rendering it unsustainable. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are healthcare service providers often formed through the consolidation of independent entities, working to reduce costs and improve patients’ health. ACOs have not been
successful in achieving their goals of achieving projected cost savings and enhancing population health. Although they have not been able to achieve cost reduction, they have demonstrated significant benefits in terms of perceived quality improvement. Given that integrated healthcare delivery does not yield cost improvements, establishing a network of healthcare providers at high costs is not cost-effective. However, the integration of health information technologies among providers has been found to be
cost-effective in terms of quality.



Ali İhsan ÖKSÜZ
Çağdaş Erkan AKYÜREK


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