Comparison of OECD Member Countries with DEA in terms of Selected Health Indicators


The aim of this study is to determine the health efficiency levels of OECD countries by using selected health indicators and to evaluate Turkey’s units in OECD countries. Data Envelopment Analysis, which is widely used in productivity efficiency measurements, was used in the study. According to the measurements with the values entered in the analysis, the return was completed through the CCR system. The analysis was carried out with the data of a total of 21 countries, excluding countries with missing data from the data included in the scope of the study. Among the selected health products, payment for health from GDP, number of physicians and number of hospital beds were evaluated as entered variables. Life expectancy at birth and infant mortality rate were used as variables. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that Estonia, South Korea, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Slovenia and Turkey are productive countries. It has been seen that Turkey is a reference for most of the inefficient countries. The results obtained provide positive contributions to decision makers when preparing health policies.


Tuncay KÖSE


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