Investigation of Generation Z’s Attitudes Towards Climate Change in the Perspective of Ecological Social Work


The modern world confronts humanity with a new crisis every day. While global problems such as the Covid-19 pandemic, asylum seeker and refugee crisis, and wars between countries continue, the problem of climate change, which overshadows all these, has also been added to the rings of the chain. Regardless of the socio-economic status of the countries, the whole world is under the influence of climate change. Initiatives in international platforms are increasing day by day to combat climate change, which is progressing slowly but with a heavy balance sheet, and the climate crisis continues to take place on the agenda of the world public opinion by increasing its momentum. At this point, it is of great importance to address the focal points that cause climate change and to put forward and implement the necessary solutions for the ecological crisis. To this end, the social work discipline, which is based on ensuring the full well-being of people in physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions, undertakes the role of providing ecological well-being by combating climate change. ecological social work; By addressing the interaction between humans and the environment, it focuses on the destruction that occurs in the ecosystem and aims to ensure social and environmental development. In this context, in order to reveal the effects of climate change on the attitudes created on people, the Z generation individuals, who are the generation under the threat of climate change, which will increase its momentum in the future with global data, constitute the sample of the research. In line with the research, the Two-Factor Environmental Values Model (2-CDM) Attitude Scale and the Eco-Anxiety Scale were applied to the individuals in question. When the responses of the participants to the applied scales were examined, it was determined that their attitudes towards the environment were high, but their eco-anxiety levels were low.




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