Evaluation of Healthcare Workers’ Glass Ceiling Perceptions


This study was aimed to reveal the Glass Ceiling perceptions of female healthcare workers. Additionally, it was examined whether the perception of the Glass Ceiling differs according to sociodemographic characteristics. This descriptive and cross-sectional research analyzed the Glass Ceiling perceptions of female healthcare workers (nurses, midwives, health officers, administrative personnel) working in three healthcare institutions in Antalya Province, Turkey, using descriptive statistical methods. According to the results obtained from the research, it was determined that healthcare workers had a low level of Glass Ceiling perception (X̅: 1.50±0.7). It was also found that the institutions had equal performance evaluation policies for both women and men (X̅: 2.62±0.7). In addition, statistical differences were detected in the evaluations of female employees according to some sociodemographic characteristics. In conclusion, it was found in the research that female employees, in general, did not experience the
Glass Ceiling phenomenon.


Tuncay KÖSE


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